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Which Way Should Your Door Swing?

Before you order a new front for your home you should first take note of some of the aspects of your current door, such as sizes and door swing, so when your new door arrives you will know that it will fit and work as desired.

In this article we’re going to tell you how to identify your door swing and what you need to select. Of course, there may be situations where you may want to change the swing of you door, in which case this article can be used to identify your desired door swing.

How to identify which way your new door should swing

It’s extremely beneficial to know which way your new door should swing, to save you a lot of time, effort and cost. If you end up replacing a door only to discover it doesn’t swing the right way, you may end up having to return and replace the door, as well as beginning the installation process all over again.

First thing’s first; look at which way your current door swings and opt for that design for your new door. If you have had no trouble with your current swing, then it makes sense to go for the same swing for your new door.

The standard way of determining the swing of your door is to face it from the outside, see where the hinges lie and which direction the door opens. There are 4 standard ways in which a door swings, so make a note of your own door’s swing before purchasing your new door:

  • If the hinges are on the left hand side and the door opens inwards, the swing is a left-handed normal swing.
  • If the hinges are on the left hand side and the door opens outwards, the swing is a left-handed reverse swing.
  • If the hinges are on the right hand side and the door opens inwards, the swing is a right-handed normal swing.
  • If the hinges are on the right hand side and the door opens outwards, the swing is a right-handed reverse swing.

Now you should know which way your new door will swing you can use our door designer in order to design and order your own door.

Why is it so important to have your door swing the right way?

There are many reasons why the right door swing will benefit your home greatly. From weather to security and safety, it’s surprising how something as simple as the right swing can have major benefits for your home.

Keep bad weather out

Most doors are designed to be one way when it comes to weatherproofing. This means that if you do order a door that swings the wrong way it’s not as simple as just turning the door around. For a start it’s likely that the new door would then swing outwards, but it would also let in any weather, such as rain, and can also lead to a draft.

Improve your security

The direction of your door’s swing can help you to stay safe and secure in your own home. If your door was to open outwards rather than inwards, it would be much harder to close the door on someone you do not wish to enter your home. Inward opening doors give you plenty of control over the door and, alongside other security measures, help to prevent unwelcome individuals from entering your home.

Keep you, your family and your guests safe

There’s a couple ways in which the right swing on your door can help to keep household members and their guests safe, the first being in the case of a fire. When deciding on the swing of the door it’s important to consider whether having the door open could create an obstacle to other people in your house. For example, if when the door is open it blocks another doorway which may stop somebody exiting the building in case of emergency.

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