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Which Kind Of Door Lasts Longest?

When you’re thinking about investing in a new front door for your home, there are a variety of factors to consider, the durability and longevity of it being of particular importance. A quality, long-lasting front door should see you through many years and will make a solid and secure investment for your home.

If you’re wondering which front door is the most durable and expected to last you the longest amount of time, read our guide which covers the longevity of the three main types of front door. With this information, you’ll be able to make an informed decision on the best front door for your property.

How Long do uPVC Doors Last?

uPVC doors are made using a strong plastic called unplasticised polyvinyl chloride, which is a stronger and less rigid form of the common PVC plastic. Many homeowners choose to invest in uPVC doors due to their attractive appearance and because they require little maintenance compared to solid wood doors.

A quality, well made uPVC door is expected to last you a long time, usually up to 35 years in fact, when taken care of correctly. The uPVC material is very resistant to moisture and high heat, so it shouldn’t be affected by extreme weather conditions, which is a contributing factor of why they are so durable.

How Long do Solid Wood Doors Last?

A solid wood front door can really add some character to the front of your home, and is especially well suited to properties with a more traditional appearance. You can find solid wood doors made from a variety of woods, including oak, mahogany, walnut and maple to name just a few, each of which bring their own character to a home.

Depending on the quality of the wood, a solid wood door should last up to 30 years if well maintained. You might find some suppliers offering softwood doors as opposed to hardwood doors, which are much more susceptible to weathering and require a lot more maintenance. Whereas if you make sure to invest in a quality timber, you can expect your solid wood door to last many years to come, just like many of the traditional doors you see in some historic buildings.

How Long do Composite Doors Last?

Composite doors share a similar appearance to that of uPVC doors, however, they are made using a variety of materials as opposed to just one. The likes of uPVC, glass reinforced plastic, wood and insulating foam all work together to create a strong, solid and extremely durable door that’s aesthetically pleasing too. Composite doors come in all kinds of colours and styles, so you’re bound to find one to suit your own tastes.

As for durability, there’s no other type of door that can rival the longevity that a composite door can provide. Research has found that a composite door, when treated properly and when maintained as and when it needs to be, can last at least 35 years if not more. Better yet, thanks to the way in which they are manufactured, you won’t have to worry about the colour of your composite door fading in that time, so you can expect its fantastic appearance to last you all those years, too.

If you’re looking for a door to last you as long as possible with very little effort required on your part, there can only be one clear choice. Composite doors take very little effort to maintain compared to uPVC and solid wood doors, so if you’re looking for a durable door that will pretty much take care of itself, composite is certainly the way to go for a solid front door investment.

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