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Top tips for decorating your door this Christmas

Christmas 2017 is just a matter of weeks away now and you can feel the excitement building in the air and everywhere! From festive shop displays to the seasonal flavours offered by popular coffee chains, there’s plenty of preparations in swing for the most wonderful time of the year, so is it time to begin thinking about your own Christmas decorations?

There’s plenty you can do to decorate your own home and give it that special Christmassy feel, and your front door is the perfect place to begin. If you’re looking for door decor inspiration, we’ve got you covered. Read on to discover a number of wonderful tips and tricks to make your front door dazzle with Christmas delight this festive season.

Christmas Wreath

Opt for a wreath for a traditional feel

You’re bound to have a seen the mass of lush, green, circular wreaths that appear on front doors towards the end of the year. Wreaths are a classic Christmas door decoration, made up of an assortment of evergreen leaves, flowers and other accessories.

It’s their popularity that sees a vast variety of wreaths appearing in many colours and styles every year. From the traditional pairing of red berries and pine cones, to more contemporary styles of glittery silver leaves accompanied by blue and white additions. Whatever your tastes, you’re bound to find a wreath that’s perfect to hang on your door.

There are many wreath-making classes held across the country, perfect if you have a passion for the arts and crafts. On the other hand, you’ll find an abundance of ready made wreaths available at your local garden centre.

Christmas Baubles

Go all out with a bauble arch

To really make your door pop and wow visitors or passers by, a bauble arch is the best way to go. Made using a huge collection of baubles in different colours, patterns and sizes, together they can create a bespoke arch to fit snugly around your doorway. If you’re planning a festive party then this arch will really add a kick of glamour and excitement to the evening.

Christmas Door Snowflake Decorations

Create a winter wonderland with snowflakes

Hanging some plastic or paper snowflakes in rows across your door is a simple yet effective touch to your Christmas decorations. You could leave it at that, or you could add some lights, bows, tinsel or even some fake snow for a more dramatic effect. Be sure to stick with whites, silvers and light blues for that winter wonderland feel.

Candy Cane Decorations

Gifts and treats for a festive family

A candy cane theme is perfect for festive families planning to decorate their front door this Christmas. Invest in some candy cane shaped decorations to attach to your door, alongside a wreath that’s abundant in the the red and white theme. You could even turn the project into a family fun day, by making the decorations yourselves before adding them to the door.

Reindeer door

Turn your door into a festive character

Pick your family’s favourite Christmas character and make them the first thing they see when heading home over the season! It’s so simple to turn your front door into a Christmas, whether it’s Santa or Rudolph, the Nutcracker or the Grinch. Head over to the nearest arts and crafts shop, which will have plenty of supplies to choose from to help you bring the character home this Christmas.

Wrap your door up in a pretty ribbon

A pretty patterned ribbon is a sophisticated addition to your door this Christmas. Simply position the ribbon so that it resembles a beautifully wrapped gift across your door and you’ve got yourself a lovely door decoration to begin the festive celebrations with.

Attach some stickers for a simple decoration

If you’re not the most artistic of people, a few window stickers will be your saviour this Christmas. You can find these stickers in many home supply shops and garden centres, in a variety of different themes. Leave the crafty side to the suppliers – all you’ll have to do is choose where in the door’s window to position them!

Of course, these are just a few of our own suggestions for decorating your door this Christmas. If you have any crafty creations of your own, feel free to share them with us!

When should you begin decorating your home?

The shops and streets are now bright with the lights and sights of Christmas decorations, so feel free to add your own home’s decorations whenever you feel like! The typical time for decorations to go up is mid November – early December, so why not start thinking about how you want to decorate your door and begin making the preparation for doing so?

When are Christmas decorations taken down?

Tradition tells us that Christmas decorations should come down on the twelfth night after Christmas Day, otherwise known as the 6th January. This day is titled the Epiphany, which is when Jesus is said to have been baptised by John the Baptist. It’s also when the Three Wise Men arrived to offer Gold, Frankincense and Myrrh to the son of God.

Whatever decoration you choose to decorate your door with, we’re sure you’ll have a fantastically festive time doing so, and we wish you the very merriest Christmas too!

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