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Securing Your Home & Garden When You’re Away for the Summer

Whether you’re taking advantage of the last few weeks of the summer holiday with the kids or you’re off on a romantic weekend for two to take advantage of the off-peak term-time prices, you’ll need to make sure your home and garden are secure for the summer. According to Government Nature of Burglary Statistics, 72% of burglars entered through the door and 15% of those will do so just because the door is unlocked! But you can take even more steps than just ensuring your doors are locked in order to help prevent your home being burgled…

Think like a burglar…
The first thing to do is to think like a burglar. If you were trying to break into a house, what would you look for? Of course, you’d want to find the most valuable items – so it’s most likely that burglars would look for cash, wallets, purses, tech and phones. But you wouldn’t just break in without knowing what’s inside the house – some burglars take a look through the windows to find any valuables. That’s why it’s essential to hide any expensive goods and money out of sight.

Invest in a composite door
We’re not just saying that because we supply really amazing doors – composite doors really are some of the most secure doors available today. They’re made from a rigid polymer subframe, a high density CFC-free polyurethane foam core and, most importantly, high impact-resistant skin and extra secure multi-point locks. When it comes to locks, we fit all our composite doors at Composite Door World with the Avocet ATK Diamond Grade Euro Cylinder Door Lock, which has the highest Master Locksmith Association rating. The lock features the British Kitemark and also holds the SS312 Sold Secure Diamond and TS007 3 star rating. Our doors and windows are also designed to prevent lock snapping and forced entry.

Beware of the fake dog
Buying a fake ‘Beware of the dog’ sign can be a very effective repellent for burglars. To take this even further, you could keep a few dog toys strewn around your garden and fit a kennel, as well as a dog food bowl by the back door. This can create the illusion that you have a dog, even if you haven’t. Additionally, it can be a great idea to install fake CCTV cameras if you can’t afford the real thing. These are very cheap and come with a flashing red light so they really do look as though they’re recording any trespassers.

Secure your shed and garage
Make sure you fit your garage with either an up and over door or a roller garage door – because they make more noise than a side hinged door and your neighbours may spot the culprit. When it comes to your shed, ensure you install a strong lock such as a hasp and staple, locking bar or a padbolt, as they are all weather-resistant and really difficult to cut through with a saw or bolt cutter. Consider a concealed lock so the burglar can’t even find it in the first place!

Put your mind at ease with Composite Door World – the home of high quality home security.

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