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How to make your home stand out

Composite Doors
Ensuring that your home stands out can sometimes be no easy task, especially when it comes to standard features like a door. More often than not your door might be exactly the same style as a handful of other homes in your surrounding area, and you can find it difficult to find a front door that suits your home and your personal aesthetics whilst also standing out from the crowd.

uPVC or Composite Doors

uPVC front doors have been known to be popular, more often than not because of the price, as they are the cheaper alternative and are generally efficient. Wooden doors are traditional and can help to create a very individual look because you can customise them much easier than plastic based doors, however the price is exceedingly much higher.

Composite doors are the new modern doors that offer the charm of a wooden door, are reasonably priced in comparison and have been designed with the common faults and issues of past doors in mind.

Composite Door Materials
A composite door is made from a mixture of materials such as glass fibre, which is pressed together and glued under a high pressure, making it exceedingly strong and long lasting. The doors are then clad in an outer skin, further strengthening it and also giving it the aesthetic of a wooden door but with the added benefits of it not warping or requiring any extensive maintenance. Composite doors are also highly insulated and usually come with multipoint locks, meaning that they are brilliantly energy efficient and secure.

The uPVC door replaced the traditional charm of the wooden door. This was to make up for the fact that wooden doors are very expensive, and they are not very energy efficient. However, the uPVC doors have their faults too; they’re not very attractive, and their construction isn’t as strong. For those reasons composite doors were then designed. Composite doors have since improved upon both the wooden and uPVC door designs: by choosing a composite door you can reduce your energy bills, increase your security and minimise maintenance time. They provide security, longevity, insulation, and enhanced aesthetics for your home.

Composite Doors

Not only are composite doors energy efficient, easy to maintain and secure, but they come in a vast variety of ranges and decorative glass selections, and are also available in a wealth of different colours so you can be sure that the door will fit in perfectly within your home.

So, if you’re looking to give your home a smart entrance, which simultaneously reflects your personal aesthetics and satisfies your need for a unique look, you should choose a composite door today.

We offer a huge range of composite doors with over 20 styles in 30 different colours
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