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Door Security Comparison

When it comes to choosing a door for your home, there can be a bewildering number of options. Some doors specialise in aesthetics, some in durability, and some try and satisfy all areas. What really matters, however, is your peace of mind. This rests on whether your new door will provide security for your home. Composite Door World is here to answer all your questions and to set your mind at rest.

First off, there are three main types of doors – Wooden, (u)PVC, and Composite. What follows is an assessment on the qualities of these types, with a particular focus on how secure they are for your home.


Wooden doors are often seen as ‘classic’, and can be very easy on the eye. To get the best out of a wooden door however, you need to pay a hefty price – up to £1000 for the highest quality Mahogany, Pine or Oak varieties. Only the best quality wooden doors last longer than Composite doors.

Wooden doors also come with security problems. With dark woods, the risk of expansion in hot weather becomes a factor, meaning the door is harder to open. In an emergency situation, this could become a serious flaw. Over time, the effects of warping can become more severe, leaving the door useless.


PVC doors are a good option for a ‘quick fix’, as they are fast to produce and to fit. As a result, PVC doors have significant drawbacks. First, they often look too ‘narrow’. A PVC door requires a PVC frame to operate, meaning less space for entry and exit. Second, they cannot be altered after installation. Many users wish to upgrade the locking mechanism but cannot because of the material.

This lack of personalisation or improvement can make a big difference over time. The security of a PVC door can be better than a wooden one, as are its insulating properties, but cannot improve after that.


Composite doors combine the best of many worlds. They are made by mixing a multitude of materials selected on an individual, personalised basis. Personalisation extends to the outer look of the door as well – Composite doors can be made in a variety of colours, and can be made to emulate the ‘classic’ look of a wooden door.

Composites are inexpensive to maintain, and can last up to 35 years. While this may be less than the highest quality wooden doors, Composite doors are reliably cheaper, providing excellent value for money.

Composite doors are 16mm thicker than PVC doors, which are only constructed from plastic. This diverse mix of materials mean that Composite doors are durable, weather resistant and secure. The structural frame of a composite door is incredibly strong. Even with a window embedded, the glass-reinforced plastic renders it impervious to intruders.

In addition to this, multi-point locking systems can be fitted to composite doors quickly and easily. Because they do not warp in hot weather or require re-painting, a Composite door’s security stays at the highest level long after other doors are compromised by wear, tear and weather.

For these reasons, Composite Door World fully recommends Composite doors above all others: in their value for money, build quality, and crucially the safety and security for your home.

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