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Which Door Colours are Most Popular?

One of the hardest things to decide upon when buying a new front door is which colour to go for. Some believe that your front door can say a lot about you, so it’s important to take your time and choose a colour that suits you. In case you’re struggling to decide we’ve analysed our sales data to bring you the list of the most popular colour doors we sold in 2016.

door colour pie chart

Colour % Doors Sold
Black 39.3%
Grey 13.1%
Blue 13.1%
White 11.9%
Red 10.7%
Dark Wood 6.0%
Green 3.6%
Oak 1.2%
Cream 1.2%

We hope this has helped you to decide which colour your new door will be. You can design your own composite door using our door designer.


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