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What are the different types of exterior doors

If you’re looking for a new exterior door it can be difficult to know which kind of door to get. There are 3 popular types in the UK which are:

We’ve assessed the different kind of doors based on appearance, security and efficiency which can be seen below.


Appearance – 5/5

A high quality wooden door is arguably the best looking type of door. It can give your home a classic look which is appealing to any visitors. They are also fairly hard wearing and can be repainted or stained if needed.

Security – 3/5

Wood doors are quite secure, however they don’t compare when it comes to security to composite doors.

Efficiency – 2/5

They are the least efficient type of doors we are reviewing. Therefore if you go for a wooden door you can expect to have to spend a little more on your energy bills, especially over the winter months.


Appearance – 2/5

uPVC doors are usually bought by people with a limited budget and therefore are associated with being cheap. This can therefore cheapen the look of your house overall. There are however some uPVC doors which don’t follow this trend, so if you’re after a uPVC door it’s worth shopping around to find the perfect one for your house.

Security – 2/5

Possibly the least secure type of door discussed in this article. Whilst still being fairly secure, they will be much easier to break into compared to the other doors.

Efficiency – 3/5

Slightly more energy efficient than wooden doors, however no where near as efficient as a composite door. If you’re conscious about the environment there’s also manufacturing process of the door to take into consideration.


Appearance – 4/5

Whilst the appearance of a high quality wooden door is hard to beat, a composite door can come close. They can come in a range of different finishes which can give your home a either a classic or contemporary look. They can even come with wood grain finishes in order to replicate a wooden door.

Security – 5/5

Composite door offers ultimate security thanks to its rigid polymer subframe, high density CFC-free polyurethane foam core, high impact resistant skin and high quality multi point locks. You know your home will be safe with one of these installed.

Efficiency – 5/5

Composite doors are by far the most energy efficient, with most coming with an insulated core meaning that the warm stays in and cold stays out. They are also known for their ability to provide some reduction in noise pollution entering your house.

Our doors are also proven to the BS 6375-1 classification for air tightness, air, wind and water, so you’ll have peace of mind knowing you’re fully protected from the elements.

If you’re after a new composite door you can use our door designer to design your own door.

We offer a huge range of composite doors with over 20 styles in 30 different colours
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