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How to change a door handle on a composite door

Whether you’re looking to replace a damaged or weary handle, or perhaps just fancy something newer and more aesthetically pleasing, changing the handle on your composite door doesn’t have to be a complicated process. As long as you’re equipped with the right tools and knowledge ahead of beginning the replacement, you’ll have a new, shiny and perfectly fitted door handle on your composite door in no time at all.

Replacing a composite door handle is very similar to how you would replace handles on uPVC doors, so if you have experience in changing the handles on this type of door, you should be able to easily replace that of a composite door, too.

For guidance on how to change a door handle on a composite door, read our post for everything you need to know before tackling the DIY task at hand.

Have the right tools at the ready

Replacing your composite door’s handle requires very few tools and equipment. In fact, you should be able to carry out the job with a screwdriver and a tape measure, along with the replacement door handle.

You will use the screwdriver to remove the existing handle as well as to install the new handle, whilst the tape measure will be used to make sure you have the right replacement handle before carrying out the job.

Take some measurements before buying a replacement handle

To make the handle replacement as quick and simple as possible, it pays to take some measurements of the existing handle’s key features, before heading out to buy to order the replacement handle. That way, you’ll save yourself time and effort of having to purchase another replacement, when you realise the first one you bought won’t fit your composite door.

Make sure to measure the following features of the door handle, and make a note of the measurements to refer to when ordering your replacement door handle:

  • The handle backplate – this usually measures between 200-270mm
  • The centres (the distance between the middle of the keyhole and the middle of the actual handle) – this usually measures between 68-92mm
  • The distance between the screws – this usually measures between 122-241mm

Once you’ve made a note of these measurements, you should find it easy enough to find the perfect replacement handle.

Take the existing handle away

Once you have your tools and the replacement handle at the ready, it’s time to begin swapping the two handles over.

Begin by loosening the screws that are holding the handle in place. Composite door handles typically have two screws holding them in place, and they will be on the inside of the door for security. If you’re struggling to locate the screws, they will most likely be covered by caps for aesthetic purposes.

Once you have managed to loosen and remove the screws from the existing handle, you should be able to easily pull the handle free from the door. All that’s left to do at this stage is to remove the old handle’s spindle from the door. Even if it looks perfectly fine, it’s recommended that you replace it with a new spindle that has suffered absolutely no wear and tear. There should be a new spindle supplied with your replacement handle.

Install the new composite door handle

The process for installing the new handle is exactly the same as the process to remove the pre-existing handle, just in the reverse order instead! Begin by fitting the new spindle in place, followed by adding the new handle and securing it using the screws. If there are any caps to cover the screws with, these should be added to the handle as the finishing touch.

So long as you have measured your old handle accurately, replacing your door handle should be extremely simple and stress-free, with all of the features lining up perfectly in place.

A final check should be carried out before calling the job completed. Move the handle up and down to check if it moves freely and to see if the mechanics open and close the door properly. Try locking and unlocking the door using the key, to make sure you have a secure door and handle that protects your house and its belongings. Once you’re happy that everything is in working order, you’ve successfully changed your composite door’s handle.

Changing a door handle on a composite door is extremely simple and almost anyone can easily take on the job themselves. With our guide, you should find the task a breeze, saving you the time and cost of hiring a professional to carry out the job for you.

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