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Can You Paint A Composite Door?

Whether you’ve been the proud owner of a composite door for many years, or are considering the pros and cons before you buy your very first composite door, you may be wondering whether you can paint it.

You’re not alone in this, and you’re bound to come across a number of forum posts and FAQs that ask the same thing – can you paint a composite door? Well, look no further, as we offer our expert advice on what to do in this situation.

What is a composite door?

Composite doors are created using a mixture of materials, including glass reinforced plastic , insulating foam, wood and PVC. They are an extremely popular door choice for many homeowners here in the UK, due to their stylish designs combined with superb strength and security. They take the very best of other common door types, timber and uPVC, to bring you a fantastic addition to your property.

A composite door is designed and built with durability in mind. They are extremely hard wearing and unlikely to suffer from wear and tear, or from damage such as dents. Investing in composite is likely to provide your home with a quality front door for many years to come.

Of course, we’re all tempted to make changes or updates to our homes every now and then, which can often leave us considering a lick of paint on our front doors. Whether it’s to tidy up what looks like a dirty or aged door, or to add a pop of colour to suit your new taste, painting your composite door might be next on your list of home improvements.

Can you paint a composite door?

Yes, you can paint a composite door, but the real question is whether you should. If you use the correct materials and make the right preparation it is possible to get a good finish, however due to the outer layer being plastic it can be prone to chipping or flaking if a poor job is done.

Why You Probably Shouldn’t Paint A Composite Door

The colour you see on your composite door runs through its entirety, unlike timber doors, which simply have a lick of paint added to them for a finishing touch. It’s this depth that keeps the colour strong and unfaded for many, many years.

Because of this, you’ll find it very difficult to paint over the composite door’s original colour, at least not without it looking rather untidy. If you were simply looking to clean up the look of your composite door, you’ll find that a warm, soapy wash will word wonders on it.

As such, it isn’t recommended that you try to paint your composite door yourself, not without speaking to a professional first or, better yet, hiring them to do the job for you. A professional service is your best chance of having a quality finish to your quality door. That being said, an expert in the field might even suggest that you replace the door entirely, if you’re adamant that you’d like to change its colour.

What You Can Do Instead Of Painting

What about a retouch of the door’s current colour?

If you’re looking to paint the composite door to cover up some scratches, you don’t have to worry about repainting the entire door and potentially making a mess of it. There are some touch up pens available to buy, that are perfect for filling in the odd scratch or groove on your door, that will save you the cost of replacing the door entirely.

Clean Up The Door

If you’re considering painting the front door because it’s faded over time you might want to consider cleaning it up and try to restore the colour. There are multiple products on the market which are designed to bring the colour back to the original status. This can be achieved as the colour goes right the way through the outer layer of the composite door.

Get A Replacement Door

The final thing you might want to consider if you’re completely unhappy with the look and colour of your is to get a replacement. You can take a look at the different colours available on our door designer. Get started today!

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