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Are Composite Doors Fireproof?

Thinking about the different features a door can offer is certainly something that every homeowner considers when looking for a new front door. Everything from the style and durability to the quality of its security – with so many different types of door available, each offering unique features and characteristics, it’s well worth taking the time to research and find the best door for you.

One factor that many homeowners think about is how fireproof certain types of doors are, particularly composite doors these days. The safety of you and other household members plays a key role in deciding which door to opt for. What’s more, as one of the most popular types of door, it’s understandable that you and other like minded homeowners may be looking for information on how fireproof composite doors are.

Read on to find out more about composite doors and how fireproof they are, as well as what to look out for when trying to find a fire rated door.

Standard composite doors compared to other door types

Like with many other standard door types, such as upvc and timber, composite doors are not recognised as fire resistant by the appropriate authorities. Compared to doors that are specifically designed to hold back fire and smoke, standard composite doors will not be able to offer the same level of protection.

That being said, the strength and durability of composite doors typically performs much better than other popular door types, especially timber and upvc. Therefore, if you’re looking for an everyday front door with plenty of protection in other areas of security, a composite door is certainly one to consider.

You will find that there are specialist composite fire doors available on the market, which have been designed to protect against fires and are recognised as fire resistant by the authorities. These doors have different features to standard composite doors available on the market, so make sure to bear this in mind if a fire resistant door is an absolute must for you.

What to look for when searching for a fire rated door

Fire doors are not intended to stop a fire, but to contain it and prevent it from spreading further into a home. They provide extra time for residents to safely exit the building compared to other doors available on the market.

Fire doors are rated based on the amount of time they can contain a fire and the smoke that comes from it. They are tested and rated by third party organisations, such as the British Woodworking Federation, who will certify a type of fire door if it is able to contain a fire for 30 minutes of 60 minutes, for example.

When you’re on the lookout for a fire rated door, keep an eye out for a logo displaying a certified fire rating. For example, a fire door that has been tested and certified for being able to contain fire for 30 minutes and prevent smoke from spreading for the same amount of time, will be classed as “FD 30s”. This is the rating given to many composite fire doors available on the market.

Unfortunately, you will find that the vast majority of standard door types are not fire rated, including composite doors. If you require a front door that is able to contain fire and smoke for a specific amount of time, we would recommend looking for a certified, fire rated door. Alternatively, if you’re simply looking for a strong, durable and protective front door for everyday purposes, you can’t go wrong with a quality composite door.

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