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4 security benefits of composite doors

Did you know? The latest Crime Survey for England and Wales says that by the end of 2015 there were over 6 million crime incidents against households! Whether you’ve just moved into a new home that needs a bit of TLC or you just want to upgrade your existing door, composite doors can be the answer for keeping intruders out. Here, we check out 4 security benefits of composite doors to ensure your household remains safe.

High quality construction
Composite doors are largely made from a structured polymer subframe, high density CFC-free polyurethane foam core, glass reinforced plastic (GRP) skin that’s resistance to heavy impact and top quality multi point locks. Our doors are fitted with a 44mm thick durable door leaf and a 1.7mm thick frame, giving them a solid edge and high quality security for you and your family.

Wooden doors swell up in the winter, so people plane down the door but come around summer time the door shrinks back to its original size again. This makes wooden doors very unsafe and not very energy efficient. As they’re under the BS 6375-1 classification for being weatherproof, composite doors keep the air, wind, water and snow out all through the year and they don’t swell up. As an added bonus, the airtight feature of a composite door means you save money on your heating bills because there’s no air escaping and your home will be well-insulated.

Little maintenance
Composite doors require very little maintenance thanks to You can even get your window cleaner to clean it! Both sides of a composite door feature 2.5 mm of GRP as an outer skin, meaning you can just use a damp cloth to keep it looking brand new. Composite doors never require painting either as they don’t fade or crack.

Long lasting
According to data released by the Building Research Establishment, composite doors can last as long as 35 years. This is all thanks to the above factors – so you really can rely on a composite door to secure your home.

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